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The internet is the first media not invented to sell advertising but rather — to be a transparent source of direct, accurate information. It offers brands the ability to go directly to their customers with messages they’re actively seeking. As we leave mass marketing in print, TV and other “for everyone” tactics behind, the opportunity to focus on smarter, personalized “one-to-one” messaging with data metrics offers much more value.

b2b expectations are higher than ever.

Even in B2B interactions, customers now expect an Amazon-like experience of speed, selection and value with proactive communication along every step. The wall between manufacturers and customers is shrinking. Not only do they gauge the quality of your product, but they want to know your values and if you have a history of treating past customers with respect – so they know they can trust you with their transaction.

Manufacturers are finding themselves caught in the middle – between pleasing traditional distribution and pleasing end users that are suddenly banging on their doors for information – or even asking to sell directly to them.

Companies that learn how to adapt and balance their ability to get closer to this customer – while connecting with them in a new, authentic human way are those that will prosper. Manufacturers are feeling the pressure – and are in new territory of evolving to a manufacturer with a consumer brand face.


We utilize a variety of proven methods for assessing opportunities that create actionable, measurable plans for growth. Our goal is to leverage digital marketing opportunities that drive loyalty, new sales and a modern customer experience via the following services:

  • Digital / Brand Growth Strategies - Create actionable, measurable plans for generating revenue online and identify the best opportunities to leverage digital for real growth.

  • eCommerce & Marketplace Strategies - Evaluate and identify good-fit online sales channels, develop a plan to get started and win -- or if you’re already selling online, learn how to optimize and improve efforts to drive more sales revenue.

  • Online Visibility & Effectiveness Planning - Evaluate best-fit tools and tactics like content development, search marketing, social media, email marketing & automation or other tools that drive the right audience at the right time to your target web sites.

  • Customer Experience Optimization - Define your customer journey and needs by group, identify improvement opportunities and develop an action plan to connect at every stage.

  • Creative Branding & Storytelling Execution - Present your brand voice in a meaningful way that aligns with your customer values through content, image assets, 3D modeling, and online videos to build real relationship rooted in trust and value.

  • Reputation Management - From online reviews to Google or social reviews, assess and manage your online brand reputation proactively to help fuel first impressions and future sales.

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