Real or Rendered: Why 3D Modeling is Better Than Photography

Why 3D Renderings May Be a Better Option Than Photography

Great quality product imagery is more important than ever. Whether for eCommerce page listings, new product launches, web site galleries or social media campaigns, the high demand for killer looking new photography and digital assets is overwhelming for most marketers.

As a VP of Marketing, my team needed hundreds of digital images once we launched our eCommerce sales presence the right way. Amazon wanted 5-10 images for every listing! From beautiful lifestyle images, to close up on parts detail at every angle – and we needed them fast. How were we going to get so many images and have budgets for other activities? And honestly, I dreaded the idea of photo shoots for so many reasons:

  • Photo shoots are expensive….let me count the ways

  • They’re time killers – ain’t nobody got time for this?

  • The logistics and project management are always “overload” – help!

  • Often requires building an elaborate (and expensive!) photo set… for one use

  • Coordinating product shipments to a location…just in the nick of time!

  • Travel to and from the shoot – fun, but not fun.

Did You Get Every Shot You Needed? Usually That’s a “No.”

How often this happens! You finish the photo shoot, your team gets all of the retouching completed and you distribute the photos to sales, marketing partners or whomever. And within hours, someone inherently asks for a different image, from a different angle or with something removed and so on. Sound familiar?

The Real Benefits of 3D Rendered Images – Ultimate Flexibility at a Better Value

Thanks to advances in technology, 3D modeling (or animated renderings as they’re known) offer so many advantages to traditional photography for brand marketers. Some purist art directors may say otherwise, but if you did a the side by side test of “which one is real and which one is rendered”, I bet you’d have a tough time knowing which one is CGI. The benefits to 3D modeling so far outweigh shooting photography, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason why to continue photo shoots for a majority of your digital assets in the future.

Top 10 Reasons to Consider 3D Rendering Your Digital Assets:

  1. Indistinguishable Realism – excellent photo quality, print ready hi-res imagery

  2. Forced Eye Perspective – drive focus to product features

  3. Product Accuracy – every CAD file detail is represented as provided

  4. Controlled Environment – dial up the desired lighting, the ideal sets for any image

  5. Versatility of Uses – change angles or focus points easily

  6. Adapt to Animation – option to animate motion once still imagery is rendered

  7. Easy Revisions – simple updates for future

  8. No Travel Time – no studio, so no travel required

  9. Less Time Investment – faster to produce than photography

  10. Overall Better Value – cost savings to traditional photography

Think You Could Pass the “Real or Rendered” Test?

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