Somero Uses CGI to Get Beautiful Product Photos Without the Hassles

job site images for commerce, social media and marketing efforts has never been easier for building & construction marketers

Getting photos in building and construction can be a pain-staking — and messy job. The perfect photo shoot often requires weeks of coordination with other departments, logistics, finding job sites and locations and lots of expenses. Thanks to advances in CGI technology, there is a better way.

Somero Enterprises, a leader manufacturer of concrete leveling equipment, knew those challenges all too well. It’s what led their marketing team to partner with Market Thrive to develop stunning, photo-realistic images of their massive machinery. Not only did the company get beautiful brand imagery for their marketing efforts — but they cut costs, travel and time by over 65% compared to traditional photography.

somero changed their image game

Check out the images below. Or visit our CGI gallery now.

Somero S22 EZ large warehouse tough.jpg
Somero S22 EZ on white.jpg

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