Digital Nasty Surprises Ahead! Now You Have My Attention!



You Clicked! The Digital Nasty Surprise Ahead?

The B2B customer has the same digital expectation. Give them what they want.

If there is one side of a business that is impacted directly by the Age of the Customer, it is marketing. We’re the group that is bringing the customer’s voice into the board room. We’re the ones that need to remind the accounting team that we’re not in business to count money. Remind the operations team that we’re not in business to be lean or remind logistics that we’re here to manage a fleet.

We are here to solve a problem for our customers. And do it in a way that makes it easy to choose us. Now more than ever, we need to solve problems in a meaningful, human way that makes them feel respected and in the driver’s seat.

Then enter the nasty truth – there will be people we work with that just don’t see it. Is there a certain “denial age” that just want to keep it the way it’s been? Most likely. Sure, they use their iPhone, they shop some on Amazon, but there could be a general misunderstanding of how your customer wants to deal with you. Digital communication across every step.

It’s not going back. So get ready for some nasty surprises.

Expectations are Changing

The same expectations are creating challenges for B2B brands. The same customers expect a simple, personalized buying experience. From beginning to end, they demand excellence at every stage—rooted in proactive, authentic digital communications so they can put trust in you.

It’s the trust builder. Today’s handshake.

greg weyman