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Greg Weyman, managing partner

Understanding B2B Challenges

I understand the challenges facing B2B today – because I lived them myself.

Working for a variety of marketing agencies for over 15 years, my career is rooted in strategic planning management for B2B clients. From building materials to machine tools, my primary strategic relationships have been with large, mainstay manufacturers. The companies that make something – and have made it well for decades.

For most of those years, my clients were shielded from interactions with end customers by distribution partners – dealers, showrooms, lumberyards, big box stores and so on – who managed most, if not all of customer interactions while those manufacturers could focus solely on production. And then things started to change.

Craving More Direct Interactions

As our culture shifted in the late 2000’s to the internet of instant information, the need for manufacturers to evolve was apparent. B2B companies began investing in web sites and other tools that made them accessible. Those points of entry got the momentum rolling.

Becoming a Client Was My Best Lesson

In 2014, I took a Vice President of Marketing position for a national manufacturer in the fashion bath industry. A year later, I was tapped to lead the shift from traditional to digital by launching an e-commerce division. In a short period of time, we forged partnerships with some of the leading e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair and Home Depot—-resulting in triple digit annual growth rates and a formidable, multi-million dollar sales channel. But that experience taught me many valuable lessons – one of which was expectations on manufacturers is higher than ever on communication and acting more like a consumer brand.

The “Amazon Effect” Hits Manufacturers

As the internet and transparency matures, even B2B customers now expect an Amazon-like experience of speed, selection and value with proactive communication along every step. The wall between manufacturers and customers is shrinking.

Manufacturers are finding themselves caught in the middle – between pleasing traditional distribution and pleasing end users that are suddenly banging on their door for information – or even asking to sell directly to them.

Distribution Disruption Is Here – And So Is Opportunity

Companies that learn how to adapt and balance the ability to get closer to their customer – while connecting with them in a new, authentic human way are those that will prosper. Manufacturers are feeling the pressure – and are in new territory of being a manufacturer with a consumer brand face.

I started this nimble company to help B2B companies adjust, evolve and thrive in the new transparent economy. Change and disruption is part of the game – but there has never been a greater opportunity for growth with companies willing to adapt and consider outside of the status quo.

Let us help you understand those opportunities – and how you can implement real change that drives real long term results.

Greg Weyman - Managing Partner  Market Thrive Partners

Greg Weyman - Managing Partner
Market Thrive Partners