helping manufacturers thrive in the new direct economy:

Transform how you sell to your customers.

Leverage eCommerce to maximize growth, new sales and a modern customer experience.

Marketing is now part of everything you do. Make it work to your advantage.

In this “Age of the Consumer”, even B2B customers expect a simple, personalized buying experience. That also means they often want to do more directly with your organization, whether that be live chat or even buying direct. From beginning to end, they demand “easy” at every stage—rooted in proactive, authentic digital communications so they can put trust in you.

Your customer’s experiences translate into word-of-mouth opinions, online reviews, social media posts and Google search results that live on as future marketing for others to see. Traditional B2B companies like manufacturers are now forced to act like a consumer brand in how they market, interact and fuel growth.

distribution goes direct.

In the new direct economy, customers are craving more direct interactions. Manufacturers need to evaluate how they might explore selling online to existing customers — and consider new sales channels to reach more customers. According to a study by Feedvisor, 73% of companies plan to sell online in the next five years. We can help you strategically evaluate if eCommerce is a viable option — or if you’re already selling online, how to improve those efforts.

get closer to your customers.

There are a broad range of methods that allow you to get closer to your customers today — and provide them easy buying opportunities and reliable communications they expect along the way. The right tools will not only drive customer loyalty, but will simplify your business and give you the data intelligence to repeat what works—so customers sing your praises and drive more organic growth for your business.


We can help you give your customers everything they expect from you.

What We do.

We strategically help clients assess customer needs and leverage digital growth strategies to build long-lasting “real” relationships through e-channels and platforms with the right communications---leading to more loyal customers and more profitable sales.

the right talent at the right time.

Once priorities are identified, we access a vast network of talent to align the right resources at the right time that will develop, manage and simplify the transformation to a top-notch, modern customer experience.

We help our clients align platforms, process and people to make impact and improvements.

Our story.

Steve Jobs said expertise is all about “connecting the dots”. The dots here are leading digital strategy, B2B marketing, manufacturing, eCommerce and helping clients grow and thrive.

how we can help.

  • Digital / Brand Growth Strategies - Create actionable, measurable plans for generating revenue online and identify the best opportunities to leverage digital for real growth.

  • eCommerce & Marketplace Strategies - Evaluate and identify good-fit online sales channels, develop a plan to get started and win -- or if you’re already selling online, learn how to optimize and improve efforts to drive more sales revenue.

  • Online Visibility & Effectiveness Planning - Determine best-fit tools and tactics like content marketing, search marketing, social media optimization, email marketing & automation and other tools that drive the right audience at the right time to your target web sites.

  • Customer Experience Optimization - Define your customer journey and needs by group, identify improvement opportunities and develop an action plan to drive connection at every stage.

  • Creative Branding & Storytelling Execution - Present your brand voice in a meaningful way that aligns with your customer values through content, image assets, 3D product renderings, and online videos to build real relationships rooted in trust and transparency.

  • Reputation Management - From online reviews to Google or social reviews, assess and manage your online brand reputation proactively to help fuel first impressions and future sales.